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General information

This website is owned and managed by NV Mediahuis, located at 2 Katwilgweg, 2050 Antwerp; VAT no. BE 0439.849.666; registered in the legal entities register (RPR) Antwerp. NV Mediahuis is part of the Mediahuis Group. ‘Website’ includes both the traditional websites and all other (news) applications of the Mediahuis Group, which can be consulted via mobile media devices.

Terms and conditions

Any use of the Mediahuis Group websites is subject to these Terms and Conditions. The mere use of the website implies the user’s complete and irrevocable agreement to these terms of use applicable to the website and to products and services offered. The Mediahuis Group reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. Amended Terms and Conditions will be published on the website and enter into force with immediate effect after publication.

In principle, you can use the website without sharing your personal data. However, access to certain parts of the site or the use of certain functions may require your submission of personal data. You warrant that the data you provide is accurate and complete. Providing inaccurate data or data belonging to third parties may result in the user being denied access to the Mediahuis Group websites in full or in part, temporarily or permanently.

For more information about the Mediahuis Group policy for the protection of personal data and the automated collection of information, please consult our Privacy Policy.

Limitation of Liability

Although the Mediahuis Group aims at providing accurate reports and information, it can never guarantee the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the reports or information in its publications for whatever use, nor can it be held liable for it.

The Mediahuis Group accepts no liability whatsoever for any user’s decisions or acts based on the information provided or on data or reports about users or third parties, nor for any errors or mistakes.

Furthermore, the Mediahuis Group accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage or any other damage whatsoever arising from the aforementioned inaccuracy, incompleteness, forgetfulness, negligence, etc.

Responsibility for the articles, the information and the images rests with the author of the article, the provider of the information, or the photographer, respectively.

Links to other websites

The Mediahuis Group cannot be held responsible in any way for any information which as a service to the user is accessible via hyperlinks to third-party content or third-party websites. Said links are included for information purposes only and the operators of said websites have sole responsibility and liability for the accuracy of the information offered and for compliance with the laws and regulations relating to the products and services available for purchase on their websites, particularly as regards the protection of the consumer, remote purchasing, laws on pricing, intellectual property, etc.


The Mediahuis Group does not accept any liability for any temporary or permanent damage or defects to the user’s data or computer equipment as a result of using the websites. Furthermore, the Mediahuis Group shall not be liable for any transfer of viruses via the websites.

Availability of the website

Despite its best endeavours, the Mediahuis Group cannot guarantee continuous availability of the websites, or that they will be free from outages or interruptions. The Mediahuis Group reserves the right to interrupt access to the website at any time and without prior notice for technical or other reasons, as well as to terminate the services. Other than in the case of wilful misconduct on its part, the Mediahuis Group cannot be held liable for interruptions or errors in electronic supply, nor can these result in reimbursements or price adjustments or other compensation.


The Webshop’s Terms and Conditions can be found via a link at the Webshop.


Unless stated otherwise, the subscriptions offered by the Mediahuis Group are subject to additional conditions. Offers are always personal and geographically based and limited in number and time. The relevant conditions are published together with the offer. Applications are always subject to approval from the subscription department, who will provide written confirmation.

Rates suggested for any subscription offer remain valid for the term signed up for by the applicant, regardless of any price increases in the course of the running subscription term. Any price increase will be communicated in advance in the medium and/or in writing and subsequently applied automatically.

Cross-border subscriptions may be subject to supplementary postage applied for each edition.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, any incentive involved in special subscription offers will be posted once at least the first direct debit or subscription amount has been received.

If you are interested in receiving the incentive associated with a specific offer but not in taking a subscription, you may contact Mediahuis accordingly in writing. In that case we will transmit all information for payment of the incentive, administration costs and postage.

Copyright – Intellectual Property Rights

Any and all texts, photographs, drawings, graphs, images, sounds, data, databases, software, names, trade names and domain names and all other components of the websites belonging to the Mediahuis Group are subject to copyright and may be subject to other protection as well. Each website is also subject to copyright in itself, and also protected by copyright as well as database laws as a database.

The user acknowledges explicitly that all the related property rights, including any intellectual property rights, are vested in the companies of the Mediahuis Group.

None of these components nor the website itself or any information offered on the websites may be stored for any other purpose than to be able to view the website, reproduced, modified, published, distributed, transmitted, sold, transferred to third parties or used in any way other than with the prior written consent of the Mediahuis Group.

Unless agreed otherwise by separate contract, by transmitting texts, photographs, drawings, graphs, images, sounds, data and other materials to the websites of the Mediahuis Group every legal or natural person transfers all ownership of the aforementioned works, including intellectual property rights and copyrights, to the companies of the Mediahuis Group.

Websites not belonging to the Mediahuis Group may link freely to the pages of Mediahuis Group websites. The links always mention the name of the medium involved. The user is always linked directly to the Mediahuis Group website involved, hence without any delay, additional steps or pages appearing in the frame of another website. The use of logos requires prior written consent from the Mediahuis Group companies.


The Mediahuis Group is not responsible for the content of weblogs running via the websites. Any chatting, reacting or messaging always occurs at the user’s own risk. The chat sessions, reactions and weblogs may not be distributed by third parties, not even in part.

By sending messages or reactions, the submitter also gives their consent to have these messages published in, for instance, the printed paper and other media.

The editor reserves the right to refuse or remove reactions that do not contribute to any debate. Such decision is at the sole discretion of the editor and need not be accounted for.

The following acts are prohibited and punishable by law and as such obviously forbidden on the Mediahuis Group websites:

  • racism, xenophobia, negationism and discrimination or any propagation thereof;
  • slander, defamation, stalking, insulting, abuse of name or image, breach of trust;
  • infringements of intellectual or other property. It is forbidden to disturb the public order on the website. This means that spamming, transmitting unsolicited advertising via private or public messages, the act of repeatedly and unlawfully reloading pages, flooding or placing excessively long texts, etc., may be prosecuted;
  • hacking or attempted hacking of the Mediahuis Group website is prohibited and will be punished;
  • violation of public decency, publication of pornographic images, paedophilia and the public offering of prostitution or escort services.

Visitors of the Mediahuis Group websites who believe that certain content is illegal or offensive are requested to get in touch via the above-mentioned contact information. Following a user’s illegal behaviour, their IP address may be passed on to the competent authorities.


Mediahuis Group regularly organises competitions and provides special commercial offers. These are subject to these terms and conditions of use, the Privacy Policy and the specific conditions and competition rules.

Applicable Law

Belgian law will apply. The invalidity, nullity or unenforceability of all or part of the above provisions will not result in the invalidity and/or unenforceability of other provisions. Parties agree that the electronic communication between them has legal force as written evidence. Unless the provisions of a product or service determine otherwise, any dispute arising from the use of the Mediahuis Group websites shall be governed by Belgian law and brought exclusively before the competent courts of Antwerp.